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The 10 Most Stress Free Countries On Earth

The world, like most things in life, isn’t created equal. In fact, based on several economic, environmental, and cultural factors it’s clear to see that some places are more pleasant to live than others. So, here it is, a list of the least stressful places on the planet.

#1 Iceland

A 100% literacy rate means one less thing to worry about.

The idyllic setting aside, there are a few objective factors that place Iceland at the top of this list. For one, Iceland’s 300,000 strong population boasts a 100% literacy rate. An educated population tends to mean a liberal world view that is open to all sectors of society; a safe place to be ‘different’. Probably why murder is, at 1.8 per 100,000, practically non-existent.


#2 Denmark


With one of the best healthcare systems in the world, it’s not that hard to understand why Denmark is called the happiest country on the planet. Taxation is high, but corruption is low, meaning the money goes back into the communities it came from. A true social democracy.

#3 New Zealand

Unpolluted cities, friendly people, and generous welfare benefits land New Zealand high up on this list. And, if you like rugby, well let’s just say you’re in the right place. But, above all, the scenery is probably what gives Kiwis the most to be proud of. Anyone who has watched the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy will testify to this.

#4 Austria

The right to vote is given early; with power comes responsibility.

In Austria, teenagers get to vote when they are only sixteen years old and it boasts a wonderfully clean environment where everything is spotless, plus a great transport system and very low crime rates and is cheaper than many people believe. It is also the birthplace of Tranquini.

#5 Switzerland

Switzerland’s happy and healthy population can be traced to the fact that the authorities have invested heavily in their people providing them with excellent education, health services, and employment benefits. They may be famous for their banking, skiing resorts, and more recently football scandals, but they have wisely invested in their most prized possession – their people.

#6 Japan

In Japan, public bathrooms are amongst the cleanest in the world. Combine that with world-renowned local cuisine, impeccably polite people, and a transport system that is the envy of the world. Japanese people may work harder than any other nation on Earth, but they have built a peaceful and technologically advanced nation in a very short time.

#7 Finland

If you don’t mind what can sometimes feel like eternal darkness, Finland has plenty to offer. There is practically no corruption and minimal class distinction and scores highly on gender equality as well. It has, practically, the best education system in the world. Children are given plenty of recesses too in the fresh (cold!) air and they have one of the lowest rates of ADHD in the world.

#8 Canada

The average household income in Canada is one of the highest in the world. In addition, there are excellent work opportunities where meritocracy is widely recognized and promoted. A peaceful country with a stable economy and breathtaking wilderness make this a great place to live.

#9 Sweden

Another Scandinavian country in the top ten! Sweden is fabulous for lots of snow and long winters so if you are into that, it is a great place to be. High standards of living plus generous leave for new mothers and fathers (15 months) plus a great welfare system justify its high place in the rankings.

#10 Belgium

If you love beer and chocolate and do not mind endless rainy days, try Belgium on for size. There are wonderful old towns, castles, and museums to visit. As regards transport, Paris and London are really near so you get the best of several worlds. You can be in Paris in 70 minutes by high-speed train.

Try Tranquini to keep you stress-free!

3 thoughts on “The 10 Most Stress Free Countries On Earth”

  1. Peter Couillault

    Every country has good and bad features and I am not convinced of the scores given to the top ten countries which offer the best facilities. These countries are high-taxing and therefore the cost of living would be very high. Furthermore, no perfection exists and crime remains an unwelcome feature however rich a country may be or however desirable a place to live may seem. The massacre of young people in Norway some years ago by a right-wing fanatic bears testament to anti-social behaviour that exists in these ‘happy’ countries.

  2. Omari Tulinagwe

    As an American the one country on thus list I can vouch for that I have visited is New Zealand. I was overcome by the beauty of the land and the people. So much so, my family and I are on our journey to become KiwiAmericans. Looking forward to it.

  3. Because every country is different, it is hard to compare. Nonetheless, in the U.S. we know there’s been a decline in the issues that matter. Hopefully, we’ll engender politicians that are more honed to the well-being of the most vulnerable people in the future than those that are merely ego-driven, or ideologically entrenched.

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