A seamless wavy pattern with a blue wave-like shape along the top and a black bottom. The curves vary in height and width, resembling the dynamic flow of a wellness drink pouring into a glass, creating an undulating appearance.
The image displays the word "relax" written in blue, lowercase, stylized letters with a comma following the word, reminiscent of a refreshing wellness drink.

it’s good for you.

A pink and white can of Tranquini sparkling hibiscus drink with water droplets. The text on the can reads, "relax, it's good for you," "crafted for relaxation," "zero sugar," and "plant-based adaptogen drink, naturally flavored." The can is 8.5 fl oz (250 ml).

Sparkling Hibiscus

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A can of Tranquini, a naturally flavored, plant-based relaxation drink with zero sugar. The can is 8.5 fl oz (250 ml) and features a sparkling ginger lemongrass flavor. The design includes an abstract orange and white pattern with water droplets on the surface.

Sparkling Ginger Lemongrass

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A tall, 8.5 fl oz (250 ml) can of TRANQUINI sparkling mixed berry drink is shown. The blue and white can glistens with water droplets, boasting "crafted for relaxation," "zero sugar," and "plant-based adaptogen fruit, naturally flavored." At the top, it invites you to "relax, it's good for you.

Sparkling Mixed Berry

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Three cans of Tranquini beverages are shown, each featuring different colors and flavors. The front can is pink, labeled "Sparkling Hibiscus." The left can is blue, labeled "Sparkling Mixed Berries," and the right can is orange, labeled "Sparkling Ginger Lemongrass.

Sparkling Variety Pack

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explore your thirst for relaxation

A smiling person wearing orange-tinted glasses, an orange shirt, and a light denim jacket poses against an orange background. With one hand on their head, they sip a wellness drink from a can through a blue-and-white striped straw.
A hand holds a glass filled with a red beverage that contains ice cubes, mint, and blueberries. Another hand is seen pouring a clear liquid wellness drink from a blue can labeled "True North" into the glass against a solid blue background.
A woman with blonde hair sips from a slim can labeled "Train Quini," a wellness drink. The can, sporting a red and white design, contrasts strikingly against the vibrant pink background. With her left hand gracefully holding the can, she appears to savor every sip.
A smiling person holds three cans of TranQuini wellness drinks against a pink background. The cans are blue, purple, and orange, each labeled for relaxation and containing zero sugar. The tagline reads, "relax, it's good for you." The cans also display 250 mL as the volume.
A hand is squeezing an orange can of TRANQUINI sparkling ginger lemongrass wellness drink, causing it to spray liquid. The can label reads "relax the good in you" and "crafted for relaxation." The background is a solid orange color.
A smiling woman with long blonde hair, wearing a blue top and a colorful headband, is holding a can of TranQuini wellness drink near her face. The background is solid orange.

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A hand is holding a can of Tranquini sparkling mixed berry wellness drink against a blue background while another hand is about to open it. The blue and white can features the text "Relax, it's good for you." and "Zero Sugar.
Two friends stand against a bright yellow background, laughing and wearing sunglasses. One wears a denim shirt over a white top and jeans, while the other is dressed in a plaid shirt over a peach top and light blue pants. They have their arms around each other, holding wellness drinks.
A hand holds a TranQuini wellness drink can against a vibrant, abstract orange and red background. The can's text reads "Created for Relaxation - Sparkling Ginger Lemongrass" and "Zero Sugar" with an 8.5 fl oz (250 ml) volume indicated. The design is swirly and colorful.
A young woman with her hair styled in two buns is wearing a white top, listening to music with large white headphones. She has her eyes closed and a content smile on her face, holding a wellness drink, and standing against a pink background.
A person wearing a pink shirt and black jeans with a tattoo of a clock on their wrist is placing a pink can of Tran Quini wellness drink into their back pocket. The background is solid pink, matching the can and shirt.
A person in a light-colored shirt holds up a can of Tranquini wellness drink in front of a blue background. The can is orange and white, featuring text indicating it is a sparkling ginger lemonade with zero sugar.
The image displays the word "relax" in a casual, bold, white font on a transparent background, subtly evoking the tranquility of enjoying a wellness drink.

it’s good for you

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