A seamless wavy pattern with a blue wave-like shape along the top and a black bottom. The curves vary in height and width, resembling the dynamic flow of a wellness drink pouring into a glass, creating an undulating appearance.

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it’s time to unwind

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A hand is holding a can of Tranquini sparkling mixed berry wellness drink against a blue background while another hand is about to open it. The blue and white can features the text "Relax, it's good for you." and "Zero Sugar.
Two friends stand against a bright yellow background, laughing and wearing sunglasses. One wears a denim shirt over a white top and jeans, while the other is dressed in a plaid shirt over a peach top and light blue pants. They have their arms around each other, holding wellness drinks.
A hand holds a TranQuini wellness drink can against a vibrant, abstract orange and red background. The can's text reads "Created for Relaxation - Sparkling Ginger Lemongrass" and "Zero Sugar" with an 8.5 fl oz (250 ml) volume indicated. The design is swirly and colorful.
A young woman with her hair styled in two buns is wearing a white top, listening to music with large white headphones. She has her eyes closed and a content smile on her face, holding a wellness drink, and standing against a pink background.
A person wearing a pink shirt and black jeans with a tattoo of a clock on their wrist is placing a pink can of Tran Quini wellness drink into their back pocket. The background is solid pink, matching the can and shirt.
A person in a light-colored shirt holds up a can of Tranquini wellness drink in front of a blue background. The can is orange and white, featuring text indicating it is a sparkling ginger lemonade with zero sugar.
The image displays the word "relax" in a casual, bold, white font on a transparent background, subtly evoking the tranquility of enjoying a wellness drink.

it’s good for you

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