it’s good for you

We are first and foremost problem solvers. At Tranquini, we’re on a simple quest
to take stress down a notch and bring you that badly needed moment of calm.
We came from the world of BIG BEVERAGE on a collective mission to solve a problem too
often ignored by the large corporations. We set out to create relaxation for a new generation.

We decided to build something different. A boutique wellness venture in pursuit
of healthier options for everyday life and its stressors. Years of research, development,
testing and face-to-face interviews later, we formulated and fine-tuned the
perfect blend of refreshment, natural goodness and beneficial relaxation.
We called it Tranquini and proudly introduced it to our communities and friends.

good stuff in a can

Tranquini’s like that cool breeze on a hot day. It’s packed with good stuff from nature,
those adaptogens that help you keep your cool, and it’s got practically no calories.
In today’s world, where 36% of people are feeling more stressed and half of us are
losing sleep over it, Tranquini is a welcome break.

It’s the refreshing path to finding your ‘moment of calm.’

finding your moment of calm

Chill looks different for everyone. Maybe it’s kicking back with a book or going for a run.
It could be laughing with friends or just enjoying some quiet time.

Whatever it is, it’s all good.

Tranquini’s here to remind you that taking it easy is actually pretty awesome.
So grab a can, take a sip, and let those good vibes roll.

it’s time to unwind

let’s get social



it’s good for you

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