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We have worked with so many empathetic people so far on our short journey by expressing ourselves with openness and honesty, helping our community relax and find some calm along the way.

Let’s begin our conversation by getting to know each other a little more? And by this we mean let’s try to relax : ) Being a human can be stressful!

In today’s world, stress is a global issue. 36% of consumers state their stress levels have increased and 50% have stated they have lost sleep due to stress. Consumers were telling us they needed help with 1 out 3 consumers looking for beverages with calming ingredients.

We like to say there might be a few little things we can do to help you learn how to appreciate every moment, even if you are a wee bit stressed today. Our little TranQuini Bevy has already traveled the world and back, and what’s cool is that we became a true friend to so many by bringing together communities who are sharing their "Moment of Calm.” So Cool, Right?

The result of years of development, in-depth research and face-to-face interviews, TranQuini natural wellness drink delivers powerful benefits to help you achieve your moment of calm. Our mix of herbal adaptogens – these adaptogens that have been used in traditional medicines for many centuries but never in this unique mix that we at TranQuini have “canned”. This means we put our highest priority on ensuring our product tastes great, has zero sugar and is made from natural ingredients and without additives or preservatives.

TranQuini is our way of helping our consumers achieve their “moment of calm”.

So, what is a moment of calm? For many, a “moment of calm” comes in the form of silence, tranquility and meditation. For others, a moment of calm can be found in extreme sports, moments with family, time with friends and afternoon of work, or a long weekend drive. Calm looks different on everyone and so does TranQuini.

So as we say at TranQuini ……..Relax, its good for you

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