ON the ROAD to Health and Adventure – MEET RACHEL OETH 

Rachel Oeth for TranQuini

This month we'd like to introduce our guest collaborator, Rachel Oeth. Rachel is going to go on the road with America's soon to be favorite beverage, Tranquini. Rachel hits the road as a social influencer and collaborator visiting cities all over the US - and sharing her best travel destinations and wisdom.

She knows a thing or two about health. She studied exercise science in school and is also a Certified Health and Wellness Coach. And she took an amazing plunge recently, turning her travel collabs and tips into a full-time job and lifestyle. I know. We're all a bit jealous.

As an epic traveler, hitting the road 2-3 times a month and away for up to 15 days she's had to learn a thing or two about living your fittest and healthiest life, on the road without the benefits of a routine. Like the rest of us, trying new foods, local flavors and hanging out with friends make staying in shape a bit of a challenge when you travel. She says it's not so easy getting ready for summer while you're a frequent traveler but offers a few tried and true key tips we can all learn from.

Overall, she's all about balance and making good choices. According to Rachel, "If you find balance you can enjoy life more."

  1. She makes sure to find healthier food options - She puts this into practice by looking where she's staying in advance and brushing up on what's available, even pre-planning menus at local restaurants in advance. She brings along healthy snack options from home like granola bars and fruit. She also favors snacks that offer a protein boost to stay energetic and ready for the road. "Eat a healthy breakfast and lunch, and you can splurge a little at dinner"
  2. She makes the workouts work for her. Most of the places she stays at don't have great on-premise workout spaces and she's not a fan of the desolate and cramped hotel "workout room" or the unexpected 6AM workout with a rando. But, she loves to get her steps in exploring the downtowns and the city she travels to - great fun and great exercise. And she looks in advance for destination workout activities that are unique to the area she's staying in. Also, she's a big advocate of versatile apps like Class Pass that allow you to explore new clubs and classes near where you're staying. Or, a companion gym affiliated with your home workout facility. She may also be the only person we know who views the airport as a workout mecca - getting her steps in by cranking up a podcast and roaming from gate to gate ahead of takeoff. "The most important thing is to get your 10,000 steps in everyday"
  3. She stays away from alcohol on the road Rachel tells us that a buzz can be a buzzkill on the road. And this is where her passion for Tranquini was born. She likes to enjoy a fun mocktail in an interesting glass. Something refreshing that won't make you feel exhausted the next day - kind of sounds just like TQ.

Finally, she encourages everyone to make sure they don't take any of this too, too seriously. "If it's hard, then you won't want to do it. I want to really enjoy the places I go. Change little things and don't put too much pressure on yourself" and above all don't listen to ALL THE NOISE and just find what works best for you.

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