Forward with March!

Navigating this month with TranQuini

What is it about March? It’s the month people can’t make up their minds about. Not quite winter but more than we want it to be still. Spring is almost upon us as we start to plan our wardrobes and think about swimsuit season, and yet. March is just a big “and yet”. A month that comes in like a lion and out like a lamb. Sometimes. A glass half empty, half full 31-day marathon. It’s unpredictable and that gets to be, well, a little stressful. You could really use a refreshingly healthy adaptogenic beverage in March. If only we knew where you could get one of those...

TranQuini in March makes a perfect pair

But back to that mixed bag called March. If you’re a college hoops fan you probably love it. Until you hate it, when your team has to play UConn in the second round. If you’re Julius Caesar, I’m pretty sure you just hate it – that whole Ides of March thing seemed like a real downer. There’s St. Patrick’s Day of course. Kind of fun in theory, nice to wear green for a day, but also amateur hour for beer spilling drunken fools. Alternatively, you could just go get a Shamrock Shake at Mickey D’s, but who thinks that’s a great idea? And there’s the Oscars of course. Kind of boring, but they’re really trying this year. They even nominated Barbie. But not, Margot Robbie or Greta Gerwig. See, it’s so very March.

It's all great, until it’s not…

There are a few universally great things about March that we can all agree on. It’s not February. The clocks are moving forwards, showing us an extra hour of sunlight, almost everywhere. We can sit outside again and enjoy the sun and get our first glimpse of everything we love about Spring – flowers, green grass, the birds. And there’s a spring break in your past, present or future to fondly reflect upon.

And yet, it’s still a tough month. It’s not “Skip” or “Frolic” after all. It’s “March”, like a soldier.

It’s 80 in Phoenix and 35 in Chicago. (except THIS MARCH when it’s 75 in Chicago and pouring rain in the Sonoran Desert) And that sheer uncertainty may have a little something to do with how you view the month. You’re either getting over a cold or about to pile on to an allergy. These transitions and change of season can really do a number on our bodies. Or maybe it’s just how committed we stayed to your grand start of the year resolutions. Are you on track or catching up. Big difference.

Bottom line, it’s a polarizing time that people have strong feelings about, but when all is said and done every month and every day is what we make of it. You can find things to stress out about or see that ray of sunlight around the corner. There are no great or terrible months really. They’re almost always, all, both. And we need to take charge of our own mind, body and spirit regardless of the weather, the social calendar and all that can stress us out. What we eat and drink impacts our attitude and our outlook. How do you see it?

The Seasonal Stressor Reliever

As we reflect on the unique challenges and joys each month brings, from the unpredictable weather of March to the festive cheer of December, it's important to find ways to maintain our equilibrium and wellness. TranQuini, the innovative adaptogenic beverage, emerges as a perfect companion in this journey. This delightful, no-sugar herbal drink offers a tranquil escape from the stressors of any season, be it the springtime allergies or the end-of-year hustle. Its blend of natural adaptogens and calming herbs is specially designed to reduce stress and promote relaxation, ensuring that your mood remains uplifted and balanced throughout the year. Every sip of TranQuini not only soothes the senses but also aligns with a lifestyle that values wellness and tranquility, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a harmonious blend of health and enjoyment, no matter the month.

Relax, it's Good For You.

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