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What are Some Healthy Drinks to Keep You Relaxed and Vibrant?

What you drink is much more important than people realize. Choosing to buy healthy drinks isn't always easy, so we've made a list of our top picks to get you on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

Green Tea

Green Tea

The American public only recently discovered its benefits. Green tea is known to soothe and hydrate the soul, as well as provide many health benefits for the body.

High levels of polyphenols in green tea prevent the formation and growth of cancerous cells, such as breast and lung cancer. This protein has been shown to lower blood sugar levels during meals, which can help treat type 2 diabetes.

Herbal Teas

Herbal Teas

Herbal teas are a massive family of drinks with various benefits. Because they can contain healthy ingredients like ginger, chamomile, and hibiscus, this drink is an excellent alternative to everyday sweetened drinks. It can also be mixed with other ingredients, such as lemon juice, to switch things up if you get bored. While green and herbal tea is almost identical, herbal teas can contain many more plant-based nutrients.



Your health depends on your water intake. Drinking water can help prevent dehydration, leading to confusion, mood swings, overheating, constipation, kidney stones, and unclear thinking. Water is a great low-calorie option and can be used to manage body weight.

Water also helps overall health, keeping your blood vessels in good shape while being the best low-fat option. Water is super important to maintain fluid balance, which prevents you from feeling tired during the day.

Sparkling Water

Sparkling Waterr

Sparkling water has the same benefits as water while being better for you than diet soda. It has a fizzy texture, arguably more exciting than plain water. It can be mixed with your favorite fruits like pomegranate juice to add a sweet flavor while avoiding sugar, making flavored waters one of our top healthy drinks.

Keeping all the health benefits of water while making your taste buds happy is pretty hard.

Sports Drinks

Sports Drinks

These drinks can be an excellent option for athletes trying to replenish electrolytes and stay hydrated while exercising. These drinks also contain vitamins and other nutrients to help you stay on your game.

However, this seemingly magical elixir comes with its downsides. They can be very high in sugar, which is something to consider if you plan on drinking a sports drink while relaxing at home. A refreshing drink is a great way to fuel your exercise, so why not make it healthy?



Milk is one of the most nutritious beverages in the world. It is rich in high-quality protein and an excellent source of vitamins such as vitamin d, as well as minerals like calcium and vitamin B12. It may reduce your risk of developing osteoporosis and lower blood pressure. The high amount of calcium in milk can also increase your oral health, helping your teeth to develop.

Some people may be allergic to milk proteins or intolerant to lactose. There have been links between milk and acne, as well as an increased risk for prostate cancer.

The bottom line is that a moderate intake of cow's milk is suitable for most people, but it should be limited. We advise checking with a registered dietitian if you think you have any issues relating to lactose intolerance. Not everyone can drink dairy milk, but alternatives like soy or almond milk can be great alternatives.


Tranquini Mixed Berries Calmness Beverage

The result of years of development, in-depth research, and face-to-face interviews, TranQuini natural wellness drink delivers powerful benefits to help you achieve your moment of calm.

The mix of herbal adaptogens used in traditional medicines for centuries will help you relax. Tranquini tastes great has zero sugar and is made from natural ingredients without additives or preservatives.

Juice From Fresh Vegetables

Juice From Fresh Vegetables

Fruit juices can provide the same benefits as vegetables, but at a fraction of the cost and without the need to consume fiber. They also contain less natural sugar than vegetables and fruits, according to dietary guidelines.

Fruit juice is full of natural vitamins like vitamin c. Vitamin C helps keep your organ healthy while also helping your body protect cells. These benefits make vitamins incredibly important in your everyday diet.

The USDA states that one cup of orange juice contains 26g of sugar, while one cup of tomato juice has 6g. This is equivalent to 27 mg per 100ml. When possible, opt for a lower sodium version.

Fruit juice is famous for its natural flavors for a reason. You can make fresh juice quickly and easily with a juicer to have a sweet drink without added sugar. Mixing fruit juice with a small amount of sparkling water can add texture to your healthy drink.

Combine your Fresh Juice with Seltzer

There's no need to purchase alcoholic beverages full of artificial sweeteners. These drinks are incredibly high in fat and filled with tons of calories.

Seltzer-infused waters are thick, dry juices that can be made relatively quickly for social events or to enjoy by yourself. It also has excellent health benefits. Mix 2 parts juice with 3 parts Seltzer to make a light and bubbly cocktail.

We recommend mixing grape or pomegranate juice to spice things up while boosting your organ health. This study proved that juice could improve overall memory and decrease memory deficits in seniors. The fruit juices will also increase gut health and boost your immune system.



Many scientific studies have shown that coffee is healthy and should be a part of your daily diet. Unsweetened coffees with fewer calories have the highest nutritional value. A study in the United States found that coffee drinkers are less likely to develop heart disease, endometrium cancer, and other illnesses.

Caffeine can help improve your brain's ability to focus and perform. However, too much caffeine can lead to sleep issues and difficulty sitting still. The cocoa powder found in some coffees can also make coffee a great alternative to energy drinks because it takes away from the number of empty calories found in many beverages.

We recommend getting your caffeine from coffee instead of soda, as soda also contains added sugar, while coffee is a much better low-calorie alternative.

Wellness Shots

There are many different names for immunity shots: functional beverages and immunity support drinks. As people seek ways to improve their digestive health and boost their immune systems, wellness shots are becoming more popular.

The size and healthful ingredients of immunity shots give them their name. You probably know most of the ingredients, such as:

  • Probiotics
  • Prebiotics
  • Ginger
  • Vitamins

These wellness shots often contain nootropics, which are ingredients that can improve your health. These immunity support drink claims are usually small amounts of 2 to 3 ounces.

  • Improved sleep
  • Better digestion
  • Lower stress levels
  • Focusing ability
  • Cognitive function

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