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Tranquini was developed to support you on the path to a balanced life.

You may have responsibilities to your family, your work, your school work or your community. Factor in a commitment to your own personal health and wellbeing, and there's a lot competing for your limited energy and attention.

Don't buy into the retouched photo and celebrity gurus on social media -- a perfectly balanced life where you can do it all and have it all with a smile on your face is a myth. In fact, the pursuit of perfection only gets in the way of your goals, steals away joy, and, most often, leaves you over-committed.

Combined with the fast-changing world around us, the result is feeling stressed out, pressured, and overwhelmed.

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Every day comes with unique challenges. How you respond challenge by challenge, decision after decision, ultimately determines health and happiness. But what are the best decisions to make?

  • Spending quality time with your family vs. Relaxing with some "me time"
  • Putting in extra sessions at the gym vs. Enjoying a late night of fun with friends
  • Eating healthy vs. Satisfying cravings
  • Cutting calories vs. Choosing convenience

It's unrealistic to think you'll always make good choices. And, frankly, you won't be able to achieve all your goals overnight. But by taking small steps in the right direction, we can all live better and continue on our journey to health and happiness. The most important is our own inner balance. 


The result of years of development, in-depth research and face-to-face interviews, Tranquini natural wellness drink delivers powerful benefits to help you achieve better balance.

With a goal to deliver a product to be enjoyed throughout the day, Tranquini was created to deliver wellness drink without compromise. That means we put our highest priority on ensuring our product tastes great, has zero sugar and is made from natural ingredients and without additives or preservatives.

When life gets hectic and making healthy decisions gets hard, Tranquini can help to tip the balance in your favor.

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