. Active relaxation with Nadia Chubarova – TranQuini

Active relaxation with Nadia Chubarova

Music and dance have the power to bring people together and let natural rhythms speak to Tranquini’s vision to help the world Feel the Flow. Nadia started salsa dancing in 2014 and since then has found it has given her a new focus that has helped her stay sharp at work, while having fun on the dancefloor. What Nadia enjoys so much is that she can relax and trust her dance partner, knowing that he will make the right steps and she can follow without any judgement.

“After the class, I leave physically exhausted but mentally free and relaxed. Not only can I enjoy the rest of the evening with a clear head and heart, but I take that refreshed feeling into work the next day, which helps when working with people, of course!”

Nadia Chubarova, Chief People Officer

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