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Personal Positivity Experience Stories

Tranquini created fruitful cooperation with “de betere wereld” magazine in Netherlands allowing us to share the stories about relaxation and positivity enhanced by our Tranquini beverage. Five people, who bring positivity to the world, shared their experience.

Juan Wells, a singer, an actor, performer talks about how Tranquini helps him to go back to the positive feeling which he had when he was a child and this helps him create his music:


Sanne de Jong, influencer, entrepreneur, founder of Chicky Clinic, surfer and golfer says that she loves to drink Tranquini when she needs to come back to her senses, screening the waves and be able to anticipate what waves are doing. While drinking Tranquini she can fully enjoy the moment:


Karlijn Visser an influencer, the owner of Holistik portal admits that Tranquini is the most wanted drink when her heart rate is taking overtime. She loves when after drinking Tranquini all her stress is gone.

Billy Maluw, a singer, loves Tranquini because this is a way to be relaxed on stage and be in the flow when he is performing.

Billy enjoyed Tranquini while working on his new single and before going on stage during a release event in January 2017. He admits it helped him to be in the zone that lets him create and perform, stay calm and positive.

Diamanta, who is an entertainer; the recording artist says that she loves the universal feeling of positivity and relaxed state of mind that Tranquini gives.

Diamanta was enjoying Tranquini to be creative and calm before her performance at Eurosonic Noorderslag Festival 11-14 January 2017, in Groningen, Netherlands.

Diamanta enjoying Tranquini before Eurosonic Noorderslag Festival
Billy Maluw enjoyed Tranquini before going on stage.
Billy Maluw enjoyng Tranquini

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