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Just say Yes

Human beings are a cautious lot. We tend to always err towards the safe route, and this often means turning down opportunities for fear of the unexpected. But, if you don’t take chances, if you don’t ever say ‘Yes’ then you may just as easily be missing out on the greatest moments of your life.

You see, ‘Yes’ has a little magic in it. To begin with, it’s a positive word, which immediately means you’re off to a flying start. And it’s a commitment to giving something a try – and trying something new and interesting is always worthwhile.

When you decide that ‘No’ is not an option, you open your life to whole new set of circumstances and possibilities.

If you’re not convinced, here are five additional reasons to say ‘Yes’ to your life:

Saying ‘Yes’ Is Fun:

When we say ‘No’, we reject more than the opportunity, we reject the fun it can bring, what it teaches us and the further gifts that can unfold if we don’t allow the initial ‘Yes’.

‘Yes’ Is The Response To Someone Believing You Can Do It:

To have the option of saying ‘Yes’, someone already believes you can do it. Take the opportunity of someone’s belief in you as a compliment and harness the confidence the other person has in you.

‘Yes’ Opens A Door:

When you say ‘Yes’ to something you’re agreeing to see what might happen next. If you say ‘No’, that’s the end of that.

‘Yes’ attracts positivity:

The word ‘Yes’ is inviting and empowering. It’s like saying, “Hey world, I’ve got this!” When we say ‘Yes’, we do more, we create more and we ultimately live a more fulfilling life.

Life is short, the more often you say ‘Yes’ the more life you live

Steve Jobs famously said, “Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life.” With that in mind, find ways to say ‘Yes’ whenever you can help it.

So, next time you’re confronted with a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ question, choose the positive response – who knows what wonderful experiences it could lead to?

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