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8 Ways Kayaking Can Create A Successful Start-Up

With a paddle in one hand and a can of Tranquini in the other, our team decided to go kayaking together for active relaxation.  While dodging tree branches and paddling through a shallow, muddy river, we started to compare our kayaking adventure with our daily start-up challenges.  In order to succeed, whether it?s kayaking or launching Tranquini, we need to work as a team, head in one direction, and course-correct as obstacles arise.

Being positively relaxed allowed us to re-focus and gain a fresh perspective on how to be successful entrepreneurs.

Here is what we learned:

  1. Obstacles are everywhere ? just move on and be positive.
  2. Embrace what comes your way and good happens.
  3. Align and move in the same direction together ? we are all in the same boat!
  4. Be a team player and help others ? whether it?s out of sticky mud or situations!
  5. Look at problems from another angle to find the best solution.
  6. Active relaxation helps to re-focus.
  7. Collaboration takes you further, faster.
  8. Give it your best and success will follow ? even if it takes 3 hours till the finish line!

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