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Romantic Gestures

The romantic landscape has become a complicated world to navigate. Where does one find love these days? On Tinder? Happn? Coffee Meets Bagel? Ok Cupid? Grindr? And when you get there, do you swipe left? Swipe right? Up or down? Is a selfie profile pic okay or is it a bad sign? Can you trust a guy named Biff, who owns a pet bulldog named Bruzer, whose hobbies include poetry and CrossFit?

In a world desensitized by instant gratification dating apps it would be easy to get cynical about love. But fear not because the good folks at Tranquini are here to remind you that romance is very much alive and kicking. Check out our five most romantic gestures of all time, that’ll make you, believe once more.

Romeo & Juliet

Perhaps Shakespeare’s most famous of plays about star-crossed lovers from different households, who thought it better to die than to live without each other’s love. But their tragic deaths were not in vain. The fatal act of love brought the two most powerful families in Verona together, and would inspire teenage love for years to come.

The Taj Mahal

One of the great archictural wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal is a mausoleum built to commemorate the death of Mumtaz Mahal, the third wife of Shah Jahan, who died giving birth to their 14th child. The grief stricken Shah Jahan commissioned the building in her honour, all in the name of love. We wonder where his first two wives got it wrong?

Edward VIII’s Abdication

In 1936, King George V of The United Kingdom died leaving the throne to his son, Edward VIII. Edward however was romantically involved with controversial American socialite Wallis Simpson. Not only was she not British but also a divorcee, which at the time was considered scandalous. Edward was given a choice between the crown and love, and being a romantic chose love. The couple lived out the remainder of their days in France.

Jay Z Bought Beyonce An Island

When you’ve got Jay Z money a simple bouquet of flowers won’t suffice. On Beyonce’s 29th birthday Jay went one step further and bought her an island off the coast of Florida valued at $20 million. Cheap at the price no doubt.

Justin Bieber Rented Out An Arena For Selena

At the tender age of 17 Justin Bieber treated his then girlfriend Selena Gomez to a private date for two at the twenty one thousand seat Staple Centre in Los Angeles California. The couple were treated to a private screening of Titanic. In reference to the date Bieber reportedly tweeted: “Romance isn’t dead. Treat your lady right fellas.” And if those wise words from the international pop sensation don’t make you a ‘Belieber’ then nothing will.

So go on then, share the love, due your duty and buy your girl an island. If you can’t afford that then how about a can of Tranquini?

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