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Tranquini enhancing active relaxation in Egypt

Tranquini has been spreading its positive relaxation in Egypt since 2015. Consumers can find Tranquini in major cities; it is in all main supermarkets including Carrefour and Spinney’s, along with petrol stations On The Run and convenience stores and kiosks.

More than 130 000 people have experienced Tranquini during their stressful moments at work, study, doing sport and during leisure activities on North Coast Summer holidays, inspiring them to enhance active relaxation and positivity.

People in Egypt are in love with the relaxed and focused feeling that drinking Tranquini brings. One of the comments from social media:

#bepositive at the beginning of the day, expect #goodhappens #tranquini a very good start of the day. Follow your #dream and #dreambigger

There’s is a lot of enthusiasm from people to get their hands on the new flavors. One of the consumers commented:

I love the idea and I like the flavor (mixed berries) ? I?m very excited to taste the others.

Drivers getting positive relaxation before their travel at the petrol station
Tranquini Positively Relaxed in Sporting and Social Clubs in the heart of Cairo.
North Coast holidaymakers enjoying Tranquini
Tranquini at After-Sports Events
Office workers enjoying Tranquini
Tranquini sharing positive relaxation with office workers

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