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Impactful visit to Ireland by Tranquini Founder and Chief Relaxation Officer Ahmed Elafifi

Tranquini was introduced in Ireland in July 2016 and went through incredible development, already present in all Top 4 retail groups, appreciated by retailers, consumers and partners.

In celebration of market success Ahmed Elafifi, Founder and Chief Relaxation Officer of Tranquini visited Dublin and participated in All Ireland Summit. As it entered its third year, the All Ireland Summit gathered CEO’s, Owners, Senior Executives, Directors, Sales and Marketing Professionals, and Support Organisations from a wide number of industries. For the first time, Tranquini Positively Relaxed has joined this inspiring event and Ahmed Elafifi presented the company, its story as well as shared the learnings from running a start-up and being a gamechanger in the beverage industry as one of the key speakers during the event.

This exciting opportunity allowed Tranquini to gather great interest from media and influencers when Ahmed Elafifi explained the efficacy of our beverage and presented new product development with Tranquini Still Drink and Tranquini Water+Fruit Ranges. Ahmed underlined:

People are not positive because they are stressed and with Tranquini we are helping people to manage their stress, offering a natural, healthy alternative to soft drinks and giving them capacity to be positive. In Ireland, we are getting a really positive feedback from the customers and the first results from six months of operating here are excellent.

Tranquini offered positive experiential activities showing how to actively relax when stress sneaks up on us with colouring wall activity, massages and Instagram polaroid photo booth. It was great fun take part in these positive relaxation activities and unleash more positivity to the world of media and influencers.

Just a few examples of media coverage:





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