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Spring Clean Your Mind

“Tweet-tweet”. Spring has sprung. You’re feeling energized and you leap out of bed, amble over to the kitchen to make a fresh pot of coffee. You walk outside to smell the flowers in bloom and reflect on your empty schedule. The day is yours to live as you wish.

Of course the reality is quite different. ‘Ting Ting’ – You wake up to a mail notification on your phone from your boss who says he needs that report you forgot to send a week ago. You have 36 unanswered Whatsapp messages, 4 Facebook notifications, 3 Breaking News reports. You scramble out of bed and step on a piece of misplaced Lego. Howling in pain you hop to your cluttered desk to search for that report but alas its nowhere to be found.

Spring for many represents a good time of year to clean out the house or apartment of unwanted clutter. But it also represents a great opportunity to unclutter the mind of unnecessary stress and start anew. Tranquini is here to help with 5 tips to spring clean your life, and promote a fresh, positive perspective.

Start At Home

Clutter is proven to be an energy drainer. It creates anxiety and the visual sensory overload doesn’t let you think clearly. Start by cleaning up your bedroom of all those things that distract you so you can get a good nights rest. Wash the dishes, organize your cupboard, do your laundry. A clean home makes for a clean mind.

Clean Out Your Fridge

The cold winter months can result in a lot of unhealthy comfort food eating. Our instinct is to hibernate and hoard fatty foods. Studies have shown that you’re far more likely to snack in a cluttered fridge than in a neat one. Now is great time to toss out those expired goods right at the back of the fridge and replace them with some fresh produce. The healthier you eat the healthier you’ll start to look and feel.

Clean Up Your Workspace

Is your desk a sea of disorganized papers, littered with coffee cups and paper clips? A messy work environment has been proven to take a toll on job performance leading to missed meetings, sloppiness and general inefficiency. Shorten your lunch break one day, and use the additional time to file away those loose papers, and clean your desk. You’ll be back to peak efficiency in no time and your boss will love you for it.

Unclutter your online life

In a modern world where you’re expected to be connected 24/7, we often overdo it, keeping our eyes and ears glued to our computers and phones. The visual intake of “multiple stimuli” lowers our ability to process information and creates enormous stress and anxiety. Our brains are bombarded with information which doesn’t allow or clear thinking or creative thought. Make it a habit everyday to switch off those screens for a few hours and allow your brain some much needed rest to think and contemplate in peace.

Get outside

Spring is in the air. Get outside. Get active. Go for a run, or a hike with a friend you haven’t seen in a while. Take up an outdoor yoga class. Breathe in some fresh air. A bit of outdoor exercise will do wonders to refresh you, burn off those extra couple of winter pounds and purge your mind of unnecessary stress that’s built up over the cold months.

So what are you waiting for? Get a spring in your step, grab a Tranquini, and follow our useful tips. You’ll feel positively relaxed in no time.

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