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Tranquini De-Stressing Germans

In Germany, we have been sharing a positively relaxed lifestyle philosophy since May 2016. Tranquini helps people to de-stress and it is particularly popular amongst those living a hectic life in big cities. It continues to gain momentum and shelf space in the new year as more people are striving to live a natural and healthy lifestyle without stress.

Tranquini Positive Relaxed beverage is available in supermarkets: REWE, real, Tegut, Edeka; online GBZ www.gbz-net.de/detail/index/sArticle/4835 and Aral petrol stations across the country.

Tranquini in Aral

We are inspiring people at work to be less stressed and more focused on success by sharing Tranquini in offices. Some of the comments from people enjoying Tranquini at work:

This is perfect before starting my meetings this afternoon!

I am going to give TranQuini to my boss 😉

I love the fact that this is low in sugar

Tranquini is supporting relaxation and focus during International Creative Mornings held in Munich once a month, where new and disruptive ideas are being discussed. One of the participants after trying Tranquini said:

I really enjoy the taste of the green tea twist version!

Tranquini at Creative Mornings
Tranquini at Creative Mornings
Tranquini at Creative Mornings

Tranquini at Creative MorningsWe shared positive relaxation during TEDx Munich in November 2016 on World Kindness Day where people were giving positive messages and tasting Tranquini:

Tranquini was also present during ISPO Munich (one of the biggest sport and health fairs worldwide).

Tranquini was supporting the Goldene Bullen Finance event in Munich in February 2017 ? letting participants be positively relaxed to be able to enjoy the most important meeting of the financial and banking community.

Finanzen Verlag
Verleihung der GOLDENEN BULLEN 2017 am 10.02.2017 in der Muffathalle in München

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