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Hong Kong enjoys being Positively Relaxed with Tranquini

The vibrant people hub of Hong Kong has welcomed Tranquini Positively Relaxed with great enthusiasm. It is already available in 700 key stores such as 7-Eleven, Wellcome and MarketPlace.

Hong Kong celebrated their Tranquini country launch within several events showing how Tranquini, combined with some “unwinding” activities, helps people to embrace each day in a positive mood. We offered Tranquini during the International Day of Happiness on 20th March 2016, SU Master Class and Ecozine Spring Issue Launch Cocktail Party, British Chamber of Commerce networking event in Hong Kong and an Ing Dan Creative Centre Event.

The people attending these events were very interested in, and inspired by, the concept of relaxation drinks, saying that they were looking for a solution to help make their everyday stress easier to handle. They liked the concept behind these new and healthy drinks.

Tranquini Positively Relaxed also helped to create a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere during some yoga events in Hong Kong. Yoga activities, meditation and fitness were part of Hanuman Yoga Festival that took place in June 2016 when our relaxation beverage was enjoyed by more than 500 people during the event.

Tranquini has also supported the largest outdoor activity in Hong Kong – Your Escape, Wellness and Yoga Festival which took place on June 25-26, 2016. More than 2000 people attended and practiced yoga, meditation and fitness activities which, together with Tranquini, left everyone with memorable pictures of positive and relaxed people. Tranquini drinks were especially appreciated by yoga and fitness teachers who appreciated the concept, delicious flavours and relaxation effect.

Tranquini arrival in Hong Kong was supported by press coverage in she.com and ecozine.com



Wellnes and Yoga Festival
SU Master Class
SU Master Class
MarketPlace Supermarket
International Day of Happiness
Wellness and Yoga Festival
Hanuman Yoga Festival

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