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Good Vibrations

Dancing is probably the most expressive art form there is. But, for many of us, hitting the dance floor can conjure up all kinds of anxieties. Which is ironic when you consider all the positive benefits there are to getting out on the dance floor.

Well known benefits of ‘cutting the carpet’ can include weight loss, an increase in flexibility, better balance, and some reports even suggest it can boost your memory! Not bad when you consider that more often than not it includes a night out on the town too!

Above all, it’s just jolly good fun. And the upside of that is immeasurable.

To get you in the mood to groove, here are five of the most iconic dance scenes from popular movies. Enjoy.

Pulp Fiction – The Diner

When John Travolta’s Vincent Vega reluctantly stepped onto the floor of Jack Rabbit Slims with Uma Thurman, Hollywood’s then forgotten man reminded everyone that he still had the moves.


Footloose – Angry Dancing

Kevin Bacon’s teen angst came to the fore in this cult classic. Until now, few had ever thought you could get so angry you’d want to dance! But, it clearly worked and he exits that steel mill feeling like a weight had been lifted off his shoulders!


Dirty Dancing – Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner

Probably most peoples’ favourite dance scene of all-time. Often mimicked, never bettered, Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray leapt into the film history books and left us in no doubt that “Nobody puts Baby in the corner!”


Napoleon Dynamite – Vote For Pedro

If you’ve ever been the underdog, you’ll love this scene from the strangely hypnotic Napoleon Dynamite. It just goes to show that you can be so terribly bad at dancing that you’re actually quite good. This boogie is for real!


Little Miss Sunshine – Super Freak

Just when it appears as if nothing can bring Little Olive’s dysfunctional family together she busts out a “Super Freak” routine that destroys the competition at a local talent contest. They may have their differences, but they’ll always agree that when Rick James is on, it’s time to get down.


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