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A Little Quiet Time Goes A Long Way

Meditation is often mistakenly linked to temples full of monks or stoned hippies sitting in circles at mountain retreats. In fact, its much more broadly practiced by regular people every day and its benefits have far reaching effects.

When assessing more than 3000 studies of meditation and its effects, just a modest amount of focused quiet time has been shown to reduce anxiety, diminish symptoms associated with panic disorders and regulate moods.

The upside of meditation is plain to see. And, you can do it just about anywhere. Here are three core benefits to regular meditation.

Emotional Well-being

Only a small amount of daily meditation has been shown to reduce worry, anxiety & impulsivity. It also lessens stress, fear, loneliness & depression while enhancing self-esteem & self-acceptance. Further benefits include increased optimism, relaxation & awareness and a noticeable improvement in mood & emotional intelligence.

Healthier Body

There are well-documented physical benefits too as meditation has been known to improve immune system & energy levels by optimizing your breathing & heart rate, reducing blood pressure lessening issues associated with the heart & brain while simultaneously improving vitality and increasing longevity.

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