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The Power of Lemon Balm

Melissa officinalis or Lemon Balm, if you’re not a botanist, has been regarded as a relaxation agent for centuries. But, it’s non drowsiness is less celebrated, but potent when trying to stay calm and still perform under pressure.

Lemon balm extracts have been found to be effective in the reduction of laboratory-induced stress in human subjects, producing “significantly increased self-ratings of calmness and reduced self-ratings of alertness.”

The authors further report a “significant increase in the speed of mathematical processing, with no reduction in accuracy” following the administration of a 300-mg dose of Lemon Balm extract.

Lemon balm is also used medicinally as an herbal tea, or in extract form. It is used as a mild sedative, or calming agent.

At least one study has found it to be effective at reducing stress, although the study’s authors call for further research.

Lemon balm has also have been shown to improve mood and mental performance.

Its antibacterial properties have also been demonstrated scientifically, although they are markedly weaker than those from a number of other plants studied.

The extract of lemon balm was also found to have exceptionally high antioxidant activity.

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