Wacky Ways To Unwind

The effects of stress on your body make for scarier reading than Stephen King’s back catalogue. If you’re starting to feel or sound like a permanently whistling kettle, you can look forward to headaches, chest pain, high blood pressure and insomnia – to mention but a few nasty stress-related sensations. If you let it all build up, you’re making your body vulnerable to life-threatening illnesses. Stress is the enemy. You can’t simply pop a chill pill, but you can look into these unconventional methods to mellow.

Get Ready To Pop

Do The Dishes

Go Green​

So, if your next big vacation seems like an eternity away, just read a book while doing the dishes and popping some bubble wrap with a flower in your hair!

Beat the Office Blues

Unless you’re a taste tester at a chocolate factory, work inevitably is a series of unfulfilling tasks with the occasional highlight – if you’re lucky. Amongst the many pains you’ll likely have to contend with are annoying colleagues, mind numbing water cooler conversations and, of course, meetings about meetings about meetings.

So, before you drive yourself crazy reading email chains canvassing whether the canteen should stock whole wheat or rye, here are a few things to help keep you sane.

Be A Sun Seeker

Rock On

Get Organised


If you can’t find time to do any of these simple things, then here’s the easiest one; just breathe deeply, relax, be positive and good things will surely happen.